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What is a Walk-In Shower Enclosure?



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Shower unit ideas for your new bathroom

Find out more about walk-in showers and how they can transform your bathroom design.

Deciding on whether to install a bath, shower or both is a crucial when planning a bathroom design and layout. So, it is good to know what options you have before ruling anything out.

One of the modern trends when it comes to bathroom installations is opting for a walk-in shower.

Beige bathroom flooring and tiles with corner walk-in shower

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What is a walk-in shower?

A walk-in shower is one that fits seamlessly into the bathroom, without the need of shower curtains or doors.

The idea is that you can effortlessly walk into your shower.

Walk-in showers are contained by a long glass panel, with little or no framework. Alternatively, they may be enclosed by a half-wall, depending on the layout of your bathroom and your taste preference.

The purpose of a walk-in shower is to open up your bathroom and add elegance. This modern style shower can suit a variety of room sizes but might be favourable to give smaller bathrooms a more spacious appearance.

If you are looking to include a contemporary, luxury finish to your bathroom, then a walk-in shower would be a desirable option for your renovation.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, there are other practical benefits to choosing a walk-in shower enclosure.

What are the benefits of installing a walk-in shower?

They keep with modern trends and offer your bathroom a more luxurious appearance. Due to their sleek design, walk-in showers can add a minimalist feel to your bathroom, which is popular among contemporary bathroom layouts.

Most walk-in shower enclosures are rectangular, which makes them more spacious than traditional showers. You can move around more easily and even dry off in the shower by stepping to the side.

Something to consider is that these types of showers are often easier to clean. Their fitted design means that there are less components to clean, such as door fixtures and bulky shower trays.

Walk-in showers are practical and effortless, whether you have a large bathroom or a smaller one. Being able to walk in and out of the shower with little effort will make your bathroom experience much smoother.

Different types of walk-in shower enclosures

Different types of walk-in showers can suit various bathroom layout plans. Most of them are either square or rectangular and usually quite spacious.

Some walk-in showers use less visible shower trays, or even no shower tray, while others use sliding doors and elegant touches to add sophistication. These different shower components and materials can be adapted to create stunning designs that add value to your showering experience.

Take a look at some stunning, contemporary walk-in shower enclosures for inspiration:

Lakes Showering walk-in shower ideas

light brown tiled floor with cream and white tiles and extended shower walk in area
bare bathroom including leather chair, sink and small walk-in shower box

Merlyn’s Iconic Showerwall Range

Bright new walk-in shower enclosures with dividing glass walls and soap dispensers
Purple painted wall adjacent to corner enclosed shower area

With the right design, walk-in showers can fit within your budget and suit your bathroom layout plans. If you are interested in having a more open-plan bathroom and an effortless shower experience, then a walk-in shower enclosure is well worth the investment.

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