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How to Design a Colour Scheme for Small Bathrooms



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Small bathroom colour ideas and inspiration

When planning any design ideas for your bathroom, picking a colour scheme is a great place to start. Using set colours gives you a solid foundation to plan the rest of your design.

Choosing a colour scheme will determine the mood of your bathroom, the style and it even has the potential to create an illusion – such as making a smaller bathroom renovation appear larger.

How to use light brown and beige colour schemes in a small bathroom with a window

It is a common myth that small bathrooms should use white to make the room look brighter and more spacious.

While it is true that lighter colours can make smaller bathrooms appear bigger, opting for a completely white bathroom doesn’t have to be the only option. There are plenty of ways you can create a stylish, modern living space without limiting your colour choices.

Using dark colours like grey and black, can give a bathroom more of a contemporary, sleek design, whereas warm colours like browns and reds can make a bathroom appear cosier. Light colours, such as white, open up the room and make it appear more spacious.

If you have a specific theme that you want to stick to, then you can match your colour scheme to the rest of your house. Visit our Bathrooms Bristol design page for ideas and inspiration. 

How do you put a colour scheme together?

It is one thing to choose the type of colours you want in your bathroom, however, picking the colours so that they match and work well together is another thing. Understanding some simple colour theory can make choosing a colour scheme easier.

Some colours complement each other well, while some colour combinations can be overwhelming. A colour wheel can help you find the perfect combination.

Here are some examples of how colour combinations work:


Two windows medium to small bathroom with black and white striped coloured wallpaper

Complementary colours appear on opposite ends of the colour wheel. They may be contrasting, but they can complement each other well.

For instance, teal and coral are on the opposite sides of the colour wheel but, when used together, they can be part of a well-balanced colour scheme (especially during summer).

Black and white are also complementary colours and would make for a more subtle bathroom colour scheme. Using black and white in a small bathroom creates a sleek, up-to-date appearance, especially when combining them with an accent colour such as gold. Head to our Bathrooms Bath page for similar ideas. 


small retro bathroom using mid grey and bright white colour schemes

Monochromatic colours consist of different shades and tones that come from the same base colour. This kind of colour combination can make an impact on a bathroom layout without being too overpowering.

When creating colour schemes for small bathrooms, monochromatic designs are ideal for giving an elegant finish to a bathroom layout.

Plus, you can add the illusion of height by using a deeper colour on the bottom half of the walls and a lighter colour on the top half. Colour blocking is an effective way to include dark tones in a small bathroom colour scheme.


Bright colours in this modern bathroom support natural light from two large windows

Analogous combinations are where three colours sit side by side on a colour wheel. This combination offers plenty of option but can be intense, especially when creating a colour scheme for small bathrooms.

However, if you pick one main colour and use the other two as complementary accents, you can add more colour to a smaller bathroom without it looking uncoordinated.

There are endless options for choosing a bathroom colour scheme, and plenty more colour combinations to discover. However, for creating a small bathroom colour scheme, these three techniques are ideal.

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