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How to plan a bathroom layout



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How to plan and design your new bathroom layout

With new trends hitting the market regularly and styles changing often, it can make planning a bathroom layout a tricky task for some.

Keystone Bathrooms are bespoke bathroom designers that are tailored to your specific requirements and made to suit your taste.

The internet can offer so much inspiration for home and décor, take a look at Instagram and Pinterest, for example. Statement showers, dark colours and brass fixtures are featured in many luxury bathroom designs.

If you’re looking to plan a bathroom layout, then you’ll know that sometimes this inspiration can become overwhelming, especially if you want to create something unique.

There are a few main points to consider when deciding on a bathroom layout plan. Some of these points focus on aesthetics and style. Others focus on what you want to get out of your bathroom in terms of structure and space.

Below are some ideas and points to consider when planning a bathroom layout that caters to your needs:


Think about how the rest of your house looks, do you want your bathroom to fit the same style? Or do you want your bathroom to stand out completely?

Understanding this is a great way to define whether you are going to follow a theme like the rest of your house, which could be neutral and minimalistic, or bold and bright.

Once you have established how the layout of your house can tie in with your future bathroom, then you can plan colours, styles and décor accordingly.

Colour scheme:

Using a colour wheel can help you decide what colours will suit your bathroom ideas. Once you have found your base colour, look for monochromatic, analogous, or complementary colours to create an aesthetic colour harmony.

Picking the correct colour scheme can have an impact on the overall appearance of your bathroom.Nudes, greys and dark hues are desirable in modern bathroom designs.

For example, light colours such as white and cream are good for opening upsmall bathrooms, whereas deeper colours can add a luxurious finish.

Plants and other decorative pieces can tie in a pop of colour where necessary.

a bespoke bathroom planned and built by Keystone


Convenience is another aspect to consider when you want to plan a bathroom layout.

Do you need a bath with a shower attached? Do you require plenty of storage space?

You may not realise it now, but choosing the right bathroom layout can make everyday life easier for you. For example, the type of tap fixtures used or opting for a walk-in shower can change your bathroom experience.

Designing a bathroom to be convenient for those using it will, in return, deliver pleasant results.

Materials and durability:

Materials and durability should be a consideration when planning the layout of your bathroom. You’ll want to invest in materials and supplies that are built to last.

Sturdy showers, taps and other bathroom features are essential for creating an enduring bathroom layout.

Brushed Brass, Gold, Nickel and Black are great elements to use for taps and fixtures. Not only does it appeal to the modern fashion of bathroom layouts, but it is also durable and hard-wearing.

corner shower from a planned and built design from Keystone

When it comes to planning a bathroom layout, working with a trusted bathroom supplier is ideal for getting good results that suit you.

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