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Top Tips for a Smooth Bathroom Renovation Plan

Upgrading your bathroom can seem like a stressful job. However, if you take your time and talk to the right people, it can be a simple, enjoyable process.

Bathroom renovations have many benefits.

For one, we spent a big chunk of our time in the bathroom, so a relaxing environment will make it much more pleasing.

Secondly, a good quality bathroom renovation can add value to your home, which is especially useful if you plan to sell in the future.

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Not sure where to start with your bathroom plans?

Here is a list of tips you should consider before renovatin your bathroom

1. Budget

The first bathroom renovation tip is to make sure you know how much you plan to spend on your bathroom. Different budgets will absolutely bring you different results. Visit our fitted bathrooms Bristol bathrooms resource page for further details. 

That isn’t to say that you won’t be able to get your dream bathroom design on a smaller budget. Experienced bathroom supplier companies will be able to help you whatever your budget.

2. Look at inspiration

Take this practical tip and make it fun. When you are browsing Instagram or Pinterest, try searching for luxury bathroom design ideas. Don’t forget to save the best pictures for future reference.

Browsing for bathroom inspiration gives you a chance to decide what you love (and hate) about popular bathrooms. This is especially good if you are looking to plan a bathroom remodel with a partner. You can see their ideas too, and together you can reach compromises.

Check out our blog post Bathroom Trends 2021 for more ideas and inspiration.

3. Talk to industry professionals

Browsing the internet and social media can give you lots of inspiration. But what better way to get ideas than to talk to the professionals?

They will be able to give you practical advice and help you make the most out of your bathroom space.

At keystone Bathrooms, we are always happy to help. Contact us today for a consultation and speak to a Bathrooms Bristol expert

4. Don’t follow the crowd

Pastel pink sinks and oversized bathroom tiles may be in style for popular bathroom designs. However, designing a bathroom based solely on trends and social media could be a mistake.

A tip for choosing a long-standing bathroom design is to consider the future. How would you feel about your current bathroom plans in 6 months – or even 6 years?

If you are unsure, wait a few weeks and see if your desires have changed. If by then you are already thinking of other ideas, it may have just been a fad.

5. Take your time

This bathroom renovation tip links well with the previous one.

With any big decision in life, you should always take some time to consider all aspects of your plan.

Essentially, you don’t want to rush ahead with the first design you fall in love with. Think about it, talk to a professional and consider the future of that decision.

6. Consider your bathroom goals

Do you want to create more space with a standing shower? Or have a bathroom that offers easier access?

Think about the goal of your bathroom renovation. It will help you decide on certain elements your bathroom could benefit from.

7. Create a mood board

You can do this virtually on a mobile or laptop or physically on paper.

Choose colours, materials and images that inspire you. Putting these ideas into a mood board can help you figure out what you want in your bathroom.

A visual mood board can also make it easier for you to voice your ideas and get advice from your friends or professionals.

8. Create a bathroom that lasts

Bathrooms need to be hard-wearing to endure everyday use.

Choosing sturdy materials for flooring and surfaces will help build a long-lasting bathroom.

Ventilation and waterproofing shouldn’t be overlooked. Consider what type of waterproofing features and materials will be used in your shower or bath. This can save you from future leaks, condensation issues and keep your bathroom in good quality for years to come.

9. Make the most of your space

Whatever your bathroom size, you should always make the most of the space.

Small bathrooms require space-saving ideas. A heated towel rack can be beneficial for smaller bathrooms, as it will heat up your towels and bathroom all-in-one.

Alternatively, larger bathrooms will require more heat. Underfloor heating is a luxurious option for keeping your bathroom nice and toasty.

Check out this article for small bathroom colour schemes.

10. Pick a trusted bathroom supplier

When planning a bathroom renovation, you should choose a supplier that is reliable and trustworthy. They should be able to help take your ideas and turn them into a reality.

How do you find a trusted bathroom supplier?

  • Ask family and friends for  ecommendations.
  • Check the company’s reviews.
  • Get in touch to see their work.

11. Plan, Plan, Plan

Renovating your bathroom is an exciting time. While it is something to look forward to, there are still potential setbacks you may have to work through.

Of all the bathroom renovation tips, our best advice to you is to plan for all possible outcomes. With a solid plan in place, you will easily be able to overcome small obstacles.

Talk to your supplier to figure out how achievable certain aspects of your bathroom design ideas will be.

Hopefully, these bathroom renovation tips have given you an idea of where to start with your bathroom plans. For more advice on bathroom designs, check out what we do at Keystone Bathrooms.