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Inspiration and Top Bathroom Trends for 2021



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Best Bathroom Trends for 2021

When planning a bathroom renovation, being aware of the latest trends and styles will help you design a bathroom that lasts.

With the year coming to an end, we can reflect on what ideas have worked in bathrooms for 2020. Walk-in shower bathrooms, creative storage spaces and matte black fixtures have been a common theme among modern bathroom tends this year.

Will some of these trends make it into bathrooms in 2021?

Stay ahead of the market and discover some of the trending colours, tiles, and bathroom accessories you should look out for in the coming months. Check our Bathrooms Bristol region page for more design inspired ideas. 

Creating a place to relax

Trendy ground floor bathroom with large windows

With the effects this year has had on everybody, it is understandable why people are spending more time on activities to boost their well being.

Bathrooms are more than just a place to wash and get ready in the morning. Your bathroom can be somewhere to prepare you for the day ahead or, when needed, a place to relax and unwind.

How can you turn your bathroom into a tranquil space in 2021?

Using colours such as greens and earthy tones will help to ground you as they bring you closer to nature, while deep blues are great for creating a sense of peace. You can add wooden units, stone tiling and other natural materials to give your bathroom an organic feel.

These neutral tones and organic materials create a spa-like atmosphere for when you want to wind down.

We have spent a lot more time being indoors this year. So, bring nature into your house by adding plants into your bathroom in 2021.

Adding plants to your bathroom is another way to achieve that at-home spa atmosphere. Plus, it gives your bathroom more life and colour, which is great for a positive boost. Our Bathrooms Bath page offers even more unique ideas to improve the look and feel of your space. 

Monochrome bathrooms

White and dark grey bathroom with free standing shower

According to Houzz, black and white bathrooms proved to be a popular design theme for this year, but will it stay that way in 2021?

Black and white are timeless colours. They create elegance and style, however you use them, from a minimalistic space for relaxation, to a modern bathroom layout with a multitude of monochromatic patterns.

If you are unsure what bathroom style you should go for it is difficult to go wrong with monochrome.

Monochrome is the perfect bathroom trend for 2021, as you can play around with patterns or create an illusion of space. Plus, black and white are very versatile colours, making it easier for you to change and adapt your bathroom style in the future.

Be bold with colour

Mid blue and jade green is a new trend colour range for bathroom design

You use your bathroom multiple times a day, so why not make it more interesting with bold colours and on-trend statements?

Plain white bathrooms are perfect for minimalism, but adding colour and texture to your bathroom will let your creativity shine through. Whether it is through bright patterned tiles, coloured bathtubs and basins, or carefully selected accessories, the possibilities are endless.

If you want to create the illusion of space, then think about small bathroom colour schemes.

Changing up your metal fixtures

Plush and luxurious marble bathroom trends from 2020 to 2022

When looking at bathroom trends, the focus is often on key features such as the type of tiles to use, or which bathtub to get.

Taps and fixtures are often overlooked when planning a bathroom design. Focusing on the smaller details will take your bathroom from on-trend to luxury.

If you don’t want to go for the traditional silver tapware when renovating your bathroom, then matte black or brushed brass might make a stylish alternative.

Black is especially popular among contemporary bathroom trends. The industrial finish can add more character to the simplest of bathrooms, giving them a new edge. Since black is a neutral colour, it can work with many colour schemes.

Layering patterns

Side by side bathroom sinks with rustic brown, grey and black mosaic design

Make a statement in your bathroom in 2021, with this modern bathroom trend.

Layering patterns is a well-debatable topic in all areas of design and fashion. It can be a risky move, but when pulled off correctly, it adds impeccable style to the bathroom.

Adding a multitude of patterns to your bathroom must be done with intention, if at all. You can choose to add layers of patterns across different materials, such as tiles, woods, and stone surfaces.

To avoid overwhelming your bathroom design, you can keep the layering of patterns to one section of your bathroom. In doing this, you keep the rest of your bathroom neutral and calm.

Whatever your style may be, whether you want to follow these ideas for bathroom trends in 2021 or create something unique to you, Keystone Bathrooms are happy to help.

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